What’s the color of your logo?

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Looking at the color will interact with a particular area of the brain. Weather you have logo or just plan to create. You must choose right colors.Think about the positive emotions which each of colors brings. In order to choose the right color scheme, you should follow few principles:

  • the right color for the chosen brand subject;
  • the right color for the chosen target audience;
  • the right color for the chosen time period;
  • the right color for the chosen action.

So we present you some key tips on how professionals use colors in their work.

What we love

Do you know that women do not like gray, orange and brown colors; instead they like blue, purple and green?

There is a big difference between the color preferences of women and men.

For example, in a recent survey 35% of women said that blue is their favorite color, purple - 23% and green - 14%; instead 33% of women admitted that the orange and brown colors are most unloved.

There is a paradigm that women love pink – it’s not true!

Pink color as a favorite chose only a small percentage of women. That’s why we recommend using inserts of blue, purple and green colors in the e-commerce design. This will improve the attractiveness of your logo for women and raise the conversion.

Most men do not like purple, orange and brown – they are closer to blue, green and black. If you are selling a product for men please don’t use purple, orange or brown colors – it will alienate a potential buyer.

Use colors which are associated with masculinity - blue or black.

Yellow is the color of warning unlike the blue

You know that yellow color is used mostly in warning signs, traffic lights and road markings.

The yellow color is the color of happiness.

It can also cause anxiety, so we recommend using yellow in very small amounts, as it can lead to loss of customers. If you want to inspire confidence in clients - use the blue color. It is the most common color. Not surprisingly, because it is the most preferred for both men and women. Blue color associates with confidence, peace and order. That is why many well-known companies use it, for example, Intel, Dell, HP, IBM, etc. - it can bring a sense of calm and serenity.

Use blue color to sell your technical goodies, but never use it, if you sell goods for foodies.

Despite the fact that the blue color is very common, in any case, we do not recommend to use it when you make something related to food and eating. The theory of evolution suggests that blue color is associated with poison.

Green is the best color for decoration

Green is associated with nature, ecology and the pure environment. If your site’s main subject is connected to nature (construction, air conditioning, etc.), we recommend using green color, so visitors will have associations with purity and ease.

Green is the most common color to use in buttons.

Orange is for fun

Orange color can call a cheerful mood. According to some reports, orange helps stimulate physical activity, competition and self-confidence. Maybe that's why this color is often used by sport teams (for example, the Dutch team) and in children's products, also amazon uses orange color in web design for Kindle page.

Orange color indicates the urgency that makes the message more visible and effective.

Black color will add your brand luxury style

The darker the background is, the more it is luxurious. Mostly black color is described as “elegant, refined and strong”.

The majority of the designers use black for luxury e-commerce sites.

Black color is often called “timeless and classic”. This helps to explain the use of black in products with high added value. If you sell expensive and luxury products, we recommend using black color in design - it will give your brand a special elegance and exclusivity.

Do not neglect white

Abundant use of white space is a powerful design element. Take, for example, the most popular website in the world – Google. Most well-designed sites today use white to create a sense of freedom and lightness.

The use of right color in the right time for the right audience, and for the right purpose is very powerful weapon. The more freedom you have in the colors, the better. So we recommend you to test, to try and to change. Remember too many colors will create a sense of confusion, but the absence of color will create a sense of emptiness. So please be balanced as we are.

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Great article. I love blue ))


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