SSL certificate

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or ssl certificates is a type of protocol that adds a level of security to online transactions.

You get a security certificate that helps protect the personal payment information that customers enter on your website. When the customer enters information for payment, it is sent over the Internet to be approved by the bank.

While this information in transit, the unscrupulous can intercept it and then make use of it. Credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers (for eChecks and direct withdrawals) are sent over the Internet everyday. And identity thieves are just waiting to get this information.

In order to keep private information from fraudsters, SSL encrypts it. Using a special process, the Secure Sockets Layer turns that information into random letters, numbers and symbols.

When someone intercepts it, the information looks garbled and useless. In addition to turning sensitive information into useless information, the SSL certificate also issues a key that can decode the message.

Only the program or server that has the proper key can turn the useless information back into usable payment information.

If your e-commerce website uses a payment method which requires entering sensitive information (credit card number etc.) on your website, this means that you need an SSL certificate.

If you use a payment method that redirects your customers to the third party website, there's no need in installing an SSL certificate.

If you have a payment method that requires entering credit card information directly on your website then you need an ssl certificate:

On the other hand, if you use a payment method that redirects the clients to a third party website to make the payment than you don’t need an ssl certificate:

SSL Certificate Prices (cheap ssl cert):

  • Installation fee - $150
  • SSL certificate price - $75/year
Type Installation fee Certificate price Total
1 Year $150 $75 $225
2 Years $150 $150 $300
3 Years $150 $225 $375
4 Years $150 $300 $450
5 Years $150 $375 $525