We love novelties. Especially those that make online or offline business more successful. So besides making our clients’ dreams come true, we carry out our own projects as well which can be used for our further services or individually.

Our projects are made with love and aim to make user’s shopping experience easier, better and secure. We hope you’ll enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

SvitStyle - niche marketplace of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories


SvitStyle brings all the products from hundreds of stores to one place. With the revolutionary algorithm that takes into account personal characteristics and preferences (age, income, past search patterns, etc.) and crowdsourcing preferences (what other similar people liked), SvitStyle brings the most suitable products for that particular user to the top. With its color selection and category matching algorithm SvitStyle offers a great selection of matching and complementary products from multiple stores.

LookSize - web service to determine the exact size without fitting

To solve the problem of size mismatch when shopping online, we have combined the dimensional tables of a large number of manufacturers and created a unified database of more than 800 brands. To determine exact size without fitting, Looksize uses personal body measurements of each buyer and the manufacturer's official size table.

UATAG - solution for product originality verification and counterfeit protection


UATAG (unique authentication tag) offers 100% complete protection of world-class brands and products from counterfeiting, using patented authentication technology and the blockchain. Unlike most anti-counterfeit solutions available on the market today, UATAG is non-reproducible, does not require any special reading devices and provides instant visual product authentication, enabling every customer to choose original products everywhere they shop and every time they buy.