Intelex Web Development Standards

Below is an outline of various production standards that will be integral with your website. These are supplied as guidelines only and are subject to minor changes. Please contact us for more information.

Website Features

  • Easy to use content management, logical flow and the overall structure of the site that will be appealing to the visitors as well as functional is our paramount objective.
  • The site will be user friendly and easy to navigate, allowing visitors to easily reach the information.
  • The website will be robust enough to handle anticipated demand.


Our intention is to develop a site that positively reflects your organization. The website produced will be constructed to the highest quality standards that ensure maximum performance at all times.


The website will feature a creative professional design that will reflect the high quality of products and services marketed by your company. In order to achieve the desired results we will feature the following professional standards, where applicable:

  • consistent layout style for all pages;
  • graphics will all be purposeful to navigation and content;
  • graphics will be edited to reduce file size and reduce page download time
  • logical flow of the website will ensure that a visitor can reach the information they need with a minimal number of mouse clicks;
  • color will be designed using “web safe” colors;
  • website will be designed to be cross-platform and browser independent;
  • website will be designed according to the RESPONSIVE standards for perfect viewing on a monitor set at 1024x768 resolution and will be a well suitable for all the higher and lower resolutions as specified in Monitor Display paragraph;
  • discreet “design by Intelex” link will be tastefully located at the bottom of the home page*.
  • all graphic sources will be stored by Intelex for future reference and will be retrievable in case of alterations, changes or redesign for 3 years.

Platform and Browsers

Your website will operate under various hardware and software platforms, however performance and images may vary accordingly. Your website will be optimized for the following platforms and browsers:

Explorer Explorer 8.0+
Firefox Firefox 3.6+
Opera Opera 11+
Safari Safari 5.0+
Chrome Chrome

Monitor Display

Responsive design available on the following screen resolutions:

  • 640px
  • 768px
  • 980px
  • 1024px
  • 1280px

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Linux, Macintosh OS 7.5 or later
  • Android
  • iOS