STEP.1. Creative Idea

Idea analysis

Define pros and cons of your initial idea

Market research

Analyze your current position in market

Strategic planning

Create plan for positioning of your business online


Find the ways of implementation of your idea

Competitive intelligence

Analyze your current and potential competitors and their tactics

Ideas are at the core of every creative process, but no really good ideas appear only from inspiration. They may appear that way but in order to become real business, they need to be worked out. Intelex helps your dreams about successful online business come true!

STEP.2. Online Marketing Strategy Development

Target audience definition

Define the reach of your product or service; make segmentation based on demographics and segmentation based on psychographics (a fancy word for values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles).

Choose appropriate types

Not all types of marketing are appropriate for particular kind of business. The main task of online marketing specialist is to define types of marketing that work for your business.

Budget and time planning

It's crucial to know what time limits are defined for marketing strategy as well as how much money is going to be used.

Target area definition

Define where to promote your online business: regionally, in your own country or worldwide.

Creation of marketing plan

Finally you have your marketing strategy plan in your hands!


STEP.3. Online marketing strategy implementation

Search Engine Optimization

We provide in-depth keyword research and SEO analysis in order to execute everything from on-page SEO strategies to ongoing content marketing plans.

Content Optimization

Your content will be user friendly that earns quality backlinks and ranks well in search engines.

Paid Search Advertising 

We implement highly targeted paid campaigns across Google, Bing, Comparison Shopping Engines and Social Networks.

Social Media Marketing

We develop social media strategies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and execute campaigns to drive traffic and engagement. 

Email Marketing

  • Email strategy and consulting
  • Email theme development
  • Creation, sending and email reporting


STEP.4. Monitoring of success and web analytics

Analysis of statistical data

At this stage we will gather all possible statistical data from online analytics tools and draw conclusions from that data as well as analyze positive and negative sides of your progress.


Taking into consideration reports of data analysis every month we will review your progress and offer changes to your strategic online marketing plan, if needed.


When you come to Intelex with your creative idea, our specialists will analyze your idea, conduct market research, perform competitive intelligence, create design and develop great website for you.

Our professional online marketing specialists will create marketing strategy for your business, define your target audience, choose appropriate online marketing tools, plan your online marketing budget and time schedules, analyze your web-site structure, make keywords research, optimize landing pages and content of your website and start advertizing campaigns in social networks.

We will monitor, analyze your online marketing campaign and suggest the improvements. Intelex offers the highest standards of web marketing services that help our clients to engage users, gain prestige and enhance confidence.

Our techniques are customized to our client's business needs to help them to achieve more targeted traffic, increase visibility in Internet. We analyze carefully every case and offer best web marketing solutions in Toronto.