Website Maintenance

Nowadays our life, especially Internet environment, is getting faster and faster, what requires quick actions to ensure websites to work well.

Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and other) are updated once every one or two weeks. Similar situation is with server and website software updates - PHP, MySQL, jQuerry, etc.

Moreover, integrated online payment and shipping systems (Moneris, PayPal, Interac, Sagepay, CanadaPost, FedEx, UPS, Purolator, etc.) carry out their own upgrades regularly, what influence website’s functionality too.

As do cars, homes, equipment the same is with websites - they all need maintenance.

Therefore we have come to the decision to facilitate your life.

To make sure your website is SAFE, SECURE, updated for smooth work and downtime free we offer you our website maintenance on a regular basis.


  • website software security patches;
  • help in case of any problems (virus/infection/hacking) removal;
  • website upgrade and tune-up after server software updates (PHP, MySQL, Сontrol Panel);
  • website upgrade and tune-up after website software updates (jQuerry, WYSIWYG editors);
  • website upgrade and tune-up after browsers updates (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari);
  • website upgrade and tune-up after analytical tools updates (Google Analytics, Google Webmasters tool);
  • website upgrade and tune-up after payment system updates (Moneris, PayPal, Interac, Sagepay, etc);
  • website upgrade and tune-up after shipping APIs updates (CanadaPost, FedEx, UPS, Purolator, etc.);
  • common website errors fixes (400, 401, 403, 404, 408, 500, 501, 502, 503);
  • broken links repair;
  • non-loading images repair;
  • keeping ongoing source backups of your website;
  • emergency repairs due to hacker attacks;

Website Maintenance Plans

  • $100 annually for presentation websites
  • $200 annually for corporate websites
  • $400 annually for e-commerce websites
  • Individual plans for custom websites

Website Maintenance Benefits

Clients who opt for our annual website maintenance plan get constant web support guaranteed availability of our technicians. Website Maintenance Plan allows you to keep your website up running smoothly, what is essential for your company's presence on the Internet.

If you don’t have maintenance plan with Intelex you pay $50 per hour with a minimum charge of $50 per incident. Note: website testing work requires 1 hour minimum. We do value you as a customer, but we do have to put a lot of things on hold to deal with an emergency and emergency rates reflect that.

Website Maintenance Tips

We offer Free Maintenance Plan for new websites for the first year after it was launched. If your website went alive 2 months ago — you still have 10 months of Free Maintenance. If your website is more than 1 year old we would strongly recommend you to order Website Maintenance Plan ASAP.

How can you get our Website Maintenance service? – Just give us a call at: (416) 239-2022, EXT 4 or send an e-mail with a word “yes” and title “Maintenance” to to confirm your order.

What’s next after getting Website Maintenance Plan? – Just enjoy your life and leave your website issues to Intelex professionals!

Frequently Asked Question:

Is it annual or monthly rate?

It’s annual rate.

Aren't some points from the Maintenance plan part of the hosting service?

No. The hosting plan covers the server itself and its wellbeing. The server needs to be updated regularly and it is a part of the hosting services. When the server gets updated, depending on the particular update it might affect the functionality of the website. In this case the site needs to be updated as well. And this website update is a part of the website maintenance package.