How to increase sales on ecommerce website

Building the most successful eCommerce website requires a lot of consideration. Online retailers must balance web design and development with marketing practices to successfully drive sales. We've gathered tips for a boosting sales in the ecommerce website - check them out.

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Marketplace product categories mismatch – how to solve the problem?

Recently we encountered the problem of mismatching between the product categories in the external online shop and existing product categories in our marketplace. Now we want to share the experience how we have solved this problem. Here are explained main functional opportunities Intelex software offers.

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Online Marketplaces – the future of E-commerce

Nowadays E-Commerce is taking over major part of trades. We can easily see that lots of E-Commerce stores are getting online each day and it’s becoming really difficult to stand out. So, how to make the business and its products stand out in a competitive environment?

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Top Ecommerce Web Design Trends

 If you have been planning to change your design, this is the right time. The trends of 2015 can turn your eCommerce website into a beautiful sales machine.

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Web design trend - large background images

Are you looking for a new and bright 2015 trends in web design? We have something interesting for you!

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To eat or not to eat

Today we’ll continue our color talk but in more specific way. We want to tell you about fast food branding and color style.

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What’s the color of your logo?

Do you know that you need only few seconds to make your opinion about the product? If you like it, hate it or maybe you are indifferent. The whole issue is that the chosen color can influence emotions and determine the ratio of visitors to on your site.

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